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New construction of a 77,000-s.f., 86-unit affordable housing development.  Ground floor will include parking spaces and the second floor will include community room, offices, laundry room, and courtyard.  The structure is composed of five levels of Type III wood framing over one level of Type I concrete. 

Status: Project is slated to begin in Q2 2022. 50% CD estimate will occur in August 2021.


New construction of a five-story, 79-unit affordable housing development. Building will include one level of Type I concrete over below-grade garage, and Type III at levels two through the roof.  The ground floor will include community and support spaces.    

Status: Early bid trades have been selected for abatement/demolition/earthwork, design-build shoring, structural concrete, exterior building maintenance, signage, design-assist elevators, design-build fire sprinkler, design-build fire alarm, design-build photovoltaic system, AC paving and personnel hoist. The final GMP pricing set will be issued August 2021.  Construction is slated to start December 2021.


New construction of an eight-story, Type I concrete residential building. The new building will include 97 senior affordable studio units with common rooms, management offices, laundry, lobby, circulation and supportive services spaces on the ground floor. There is an occupied roof deck and reserved area for a photovoltaic system. An existing electrical transformer building serving the neighboring building will be demolished and the transformer service relocated prior to construction.

Status: This project is slated to begin Q4 2022.  Early trades are expected to bid Q3 2021 with GMP bidding in Q1 2022.